Quantity Surveyor in charge of planning, supervising and controlling the cost of a project to efficiently and effectively as possible with survey methods, analysis and evaluation of the value of any costs to be incurred. Quantity Surveyor to work for the benefit of Client (project owner), Architect or Design Consultant, Project Manager of even the Contractor.

1. Cost Planning
Preparing the Budget Plan (Bill of Quantity) by using the image of the architect and the unit price applicable upate work in the project area.

2. Pre-tendering Service
Prepare tender documents to be sent to the bidders so that all participants have the same guidelines -Helps Owner / Project Manager (PM) to manage the contract administration.

3. Construction Cost Management
Reported budget / cost position during the construction period the Owner / Project Manager -Value Engineering -Negotiate with contractors in the event of employment plus / less the effect of the construction costs.

4. Post-Construction Services
On behalf of the client, prepare a draft Final Account and Final Account with the contractor doing -As a mediator between the Owner and the contractor in the event of a dispute and independently provide evidence or testimony is based on the real conditions in the field.

The service comprises

Independently determine the value of a building based on data from client- Doing survey to existing property, do measuring, inspecting the design construction, update condition to get estimation of the update cost of the property.

– Conducting a survey on the project site to evaluate the validity of the implementation of the supporting documents with the realization of the project.
– Evaluate and examine the validity and completeness of documents, the cost of the project, site conditions and results of interviews.

Procurement Management Services will assist Client in controlling expenses throughout the project.

This service is primarily intended as a Client where the involvement of project owners is enormous. Where there are many specialist suppliers of goods or handled himself. So that price fluctuations varies along the project. So that investment costs are still within the range of the planned budget.

At this service, we act as advocates for client in conducting procurement or procurement of goods supply. From the vendor selection process, negotiation, payment to delivery and monitoring processes claims for the quality and quantity of goods.

Project Management is a premier consultancy service providing an efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional full-service building managers.

We provide fully managed solutions to help improve the management of your property or premises, which in turn gives you peace of mind and saves you money.