Our Values

In an effort to develop our services, we believe that out quality service
(to the Clients) is very much determined by the culture of work ethic in the internal (self development) of every personnel we have. Therefore, in order to create value (value creation) PT. Simetris Konsultan Indonesia votes 4 (four) major principles that became the foundation of all our services.



Intellectuality is not enough because not all problems can only be resolved with logical and calculation analysis. Intellegent and behavior is necessary, especially in facing for non-technical aspects that are even more dominated many of the conflicts in each project.


Construction industry is very unique. It is because construction industry is produced in different places, different ways, with different teams and different nature. So, there is no similar project. Therefore, every solution is unique, updated and always innovative from time to time.


The success of a project is only possible if all personnels who join in the project are aware that being a competent and independent person alone is not enough, but it is also needed the person who has the ability to work closely with other teams in the co-operative interaction based on the principle of interdependence.


Each solution we provide is actually never one hundred percent coming from us, but it comes from a long journey every client had and our cooperative partners who constantly inspire us from time to time, so that we feel that we should also share that inspiration with each client and other project teams in every way of our next project.

With the four principles of culture which sustain it, PT. Simetris Konsultan Indonesia dreams to become the inspiration in the world of technical consultancy, particularly in the field of Quantity Surveyors and Project Management. Thus, the presence of PT. Simetris Konsultan Indonesia will be one of the puzzles that graces the bright colors of the image of non-formal education for every actor of the world of construction, so that the construction industry which is one of the main motor of the macro economy can grow not only physically but also can contribute to the re-awakening the culture of civilized society which is actually the basic foundation of national development.