A True Success Story

Simetris Consulting was founded in 2004, a natural process of a Bachelor of Civil Engineering as the alumni of Institute of Technology of 10 November, alumni year of 1996. Fatin Hamamah is the founder with her background experience in the beginning of her career as an Estimator of Civil Construction on Construction Project of Semen Gresik Plant in Tuban in 1996.

In the same position, she also experienced as an Assistant Manager of Civil Construction and Construction Services Auction Committee which handled the auctions of National scale projects which was at that moment followed by almost all National Contractors throughout Indonesia.

Her subsequent experiences were got in Surabaya, by joining in one of the Luxury Real Estate Developers, Shops and a leading apartment in Surabaya, by beginning her career as an Estimator then stepped into the position of Site Manager until her last position as Project Coordinator.

Fatin Hamamah

In 2000 when she moved to Bali, she began her career as a Planning and Control Manager of a Contractor Company that handled several projects of villas and private homes. Until finally she founded Simetris Consulting in 2004, begun with some private villa projects which later evolved into the development of public areas like restaurants, industrial catering, spa hotels and to resorts.