What is Quantity Surveyor?

Quantity Surveyor or QS is a professional working in construction industry which concerned with building cost and in some cases for making sure that construction costs and production are managed as efficiently as possible.

What is Quantity Surveyor’s job?

Some of Quantity Surveyor’s jobs are

(1) Prepare Bill of Quantity (BoQ) and/or Material Schedule of project,

(2) Ensure work item in BQ has been implemented on site,

(3) Evaluate progress claim that proposed by contractor,

(4) Acting as mediator or arbitrator in cases of dispute between owner, contractor, consultant, etc,

(5) Give advice to owner related to contract management, choosing vendor and etc,

(6) Prepare tender documents


Who needs QS’s service?

Anyone or any contractor needs QS. QS can work to owner (as a budget controller) or help the owner to do tender. For contractor also need QS, to estimate total amount of works, estimate variation order, etc.

Why do owner need QS on project?
For owner, QS will help owner to evaluate, checking the implementation of planning with the realization. To help owner determine Owner Estimate (OE) before owner doing tender.
What are the advantages for owner if using QS services?

Client/owner can get earlier the information about cost planning and owner can prepare their own funds/loans from the bank, Owner can get the reasonable total amount of tender from bidder, Monitoring the project cost that effected by changes in implementation on site, Manage master cash flow budget from owner.