Team Management

Evolving and progressing ahead with young and highly effective professional. Supported also by the young professionals who are competent in their fields, PT. Simetris Consulting not only provides consultancy services that tend to be theoretical, because our young professionals are well equipped with practical experience in a long process in collaboration with various famous architects in Bali, important Developers, renowned Contractors, both local and national, and are also some highly experienced Construction Management, which has donated the pattern of experience that has helped raise PT. Simetris Consulting. Even in PT. Simetris Consulting, these young professionals routinely hone their knowledge by organizing ‘skill presentation gathering’ where at that moment we discuss writing, books or articles related to our profession, so that as consultants we are constantly updated with any information of the latest developments in the world of Quantity Surveyors and Project Management. As Quantity Surveyor, we continue to upgrade our library, by inviting supplier partners or distributors to present the specification of their products with more in detail to us, so that we not only know each item in terms of price alone, but also other detailed specifications. We are aware that from time to time, each client more and more wants ‘to get involved’ further in every project. And investment in construction field, particularly construction investment in business, is an ‘inexpensive’ investment, while the variant types of material and the quality of providers and material installers which diverse make the presence of services from PT. Simetris Consulting so helpful for the clients in dealing with the ‘complexity’.