Welcome to Simetris Consulting

PT. Simetris Consulting is a company which is running on the service of consultation on Quantity Surveyor and Project Management. Today we are still the only independent company which gives services consultation of Quantity Surveyor and Project Management in Bali that has wide experience theoretically and practically in the world of construction service. Construction world in Bali is so unique. The standard of high technology and specification which are needed by Private Clients who have the backgrounds of developed countries all over the world or the need for property specification supporting tourism in the tourism industry which meets with construction system that is still “traditional” from the local workers who still dominate the construction players in Bali, is a certain challenge for the Clients.

Thus, the presence of PT. Simetris Consulting is aimed to assist clients in responding to the challenge by providing services as a “Mediator, Conductor” as well as “Communicator”, which is expected to be able to mediate these two different points of view of standardization. With a network of cooperation that continues to be built, updated and expanded through projects which are designed by well-known architects and planners in Bali, our team by the time continues to hone our skills and experience so that we will be able to provide the best services and provide the most effective solutions.